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Local knowledge and engagement: the key to success

Local residents’ insights into natural resources and the environment are rarely used in a systematic way in the political process. In the past, Nordic authorities and researchers have, in collaboration with local residents, developed tools that can 'open doors' to indigenous peoples and local resident’s knowledge.


The new tools are aimed at enabling indigenous peoples and local residents who utilize nature and natural resources to collect and communicate their knowledge. When indigenous and local knowledge are recorded and communicated in a systematic manner, based on observations made throughout the year, this knowledge has a greater chance of being used, both in local and national decision-making.


Promoting economic development

through the increased use of citizen knowledge

Nordic Resource Management is a project jointly developed by many civil society organisations, research institutions and government agencies in the Nordic Region. The project will initiate a common Nordic - Arctic international cooperation to enhance democratic citizen participation in decision-making regarding the use of natural resources.  


The project will further develop the new tools into standard templates and test them in several countries, alongside building capacity and raising awareness on the use of citizen knowledge among government authorities and civil society organisations. Institutions from all of the Arctic countries participate in Nordic Resource Management. Increased use of citizen knowledge has potential to help small communities develop economically and survive, within environmentally sustainable limits.


The project is co-funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers during 2015-2017. It was initiated at the occasion of the Danish Chairmanship in 2015 as a "Political Priority Initiative".


Further information

Nette Levermann



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